June 28, 2010

A new ocean is forming in northern Africa. Cool, huh? Although the rift started forming in 2005, scientists now say that the volcanic activity in the crack is similar to what is happening in the ocean's trenches. (This link has a couple of photos for scale.)
  • Awesome. I am going to have to go walk across it so that my legend one day will be that much greater.
  • Excellent idea, 'nocks! *readies fishing pole*
  • Cool post, I love this story. I posted some links about it a while back here.
  • Until I saw the sea I did not know that wind could wrinkle water so. I never knew that sun could splinter a whole sea of blue. Nor did I know before a sea breathes in and out upon a shore. --Lilian Moore, "Until I Saw the Sea"