June 22, 2010

John Hodgman, Neil Gaiman and OK Go's Damian Kulash sing "So Happy Together"
  • That event apparently seals the Twin Cities'* claim for Geek Cred Capitol of the Universe, when combined with the recent edition of W00tstock (v2.3) that featured NOT JUST Adam "Mythbuster" Savage, Wil "Wesley" Wheaton and Paul & "we open for Coulton sometimes" Storm, BUT ALSO 3-count-'em-3 veterans of MST3K and John "Whatever" Scalzi, not to mention totally canceling out the Public Radio influence of Garrison "Woe-Be-Gotten" Keillor. *which I had previously claimed DO NOT EXIST (scroll down, CSS fail). But at this rate, the area may implode from the total weight of awesomeness which would technically prove me right.
  • My "Minneapolis Does Not Exist" meme dates back to the early 1980s, when my last semi-girlfriend prior to my future-Crazy-ex-wife kept telling me how superior Minneapolis/St Paul was to Los Angeles, even though she and her entire family had moved away from there and she could not recall any of her old friends from the area who still lived there, making me seriously suspicious as to whether it was a real metropolitan area or a fabrication intended to make people in other big cities jealous. Come to think of it, the Wits and W00tstock events only add to the incredible unlikely-ness of the area.
  • MonkeyFilter: All we need is for a unicorn to walk out on stage wearing some steampunk headgear "This is going to be so great." Sorry. Wasn't.
  • And now, for the original nerd with topical leanings like some of the W00tstock links: Tom Lehrer singing Pollution.
  • True fact: Damian Kulash's sister Patricia was half of the older-mean-girl team who used to be nasty to me on the school bus. I still miss my plastic Triceratops.
  • Pallas could well be referring to Trish Sie.
  • Her myspace page for bigbadtrish scrolls down to show God in the form of Cthulhu touching a tentacle to Adam in the Sistine chapel mural.
  • Oh, that was the flying spaghetti monster.
  • All hail His Tentacled Benevolence!