June 20, 2010

BP well deeper than permit allowed, lacked safety valve . What we're not being told by the government or BP: "It's a race now...a race to drill the relief wells and take our last chance at killing this monster before the whole weakened, wore out, blown out, leaking and failing system gives up it's [sic] last gasp in a horrific crescendo." Republicans are calling BP's failure a "natural disaster," suggesting nothing could have prevented it.** BP's pointing fingers and blaming the other guy Of course.

**GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the ranking member on the House Energy Committee, called the escrow fund a "shakedown" and apologized to BP for the "tragedy" of its $20 billion fund to pay damage claims from the Gulf Coast oil spill. Barton's top corporate donor is a partner of BP on Deepwater Horizon. Can you say conflict of interest? Barton later backpedaled after House Republican leadership ganged up to throw Barton under the bus and force him to recant, but Republicans still continue referring to the Gulf Coast oil spill as the "nation's largest natural disaster." *WTF?*