May 16, 2010

Clouds - better from space
  • Pretty cool how landmasses seem to affect clouds for miles after the cloud has passed.
  • Whenever I fly from Christchurch to Auckland we fly over Mount Taranaki, an extinct cone volcano that sits on its own on a peninsula. On a cloudy day, the clouds part around it and you can see the parting of the clouds flowing across the country. I think it's awesome.
  • Way cool! Good post, poly.
  • Trac, I love flying down the NI - I usually have my faced pressed up against the window, trying to determine location by cloud formation (if we're above the cloud cover). Then I go in that magical fantasy fluffy white kingdom reverie and I have to take a breath.
  • Heh, I know! I keep meaning to bring my big atlas and geek out geographically.