May 12, 2010

The US senate has voted to audit the Fed - a previously impenetrable, secretive and unnaturally powerful pseudo governmental corpus. When the winding cloth lies stripped from its shrouded balance sheet, what kind of hell storm shall rise from the abyss? After all, it was Chairman Bernanke who indicated that his machinations require secrecy.

Hopefully the call for transparency will do nothing more than lay to rest a major goad for conspiracy theories. Best case. Otherwise, feel free to speculate wildly with purple prose.

  • Oops. Got posted twice because I had an internal server error message...
  • Oh boy, another arena for politicians to grandstand in and act out more political theater. My guess: This will go nowhere. Fingers pointed, money spent to fund committees, no answers.\ Won't someone think of the country?
  • Looks like it's a toothless bill after all. No need to worry about the country, just so long as we keep the wool over our eyes. Right?
  • Gutless worms RULE!
  • I hate the term 'sheeple' but sometimes....