May 10, 2010

Programming Language
  • I can relate to most of these - and now I have NAMES for them!!! I also need to rename myself to Jimmy.
  • if (yoda == favorite_star_wars_character) then reverse_polish_notation_you_must I have caught myself NOPping more than once (including just now while writing this comment). I LIKE Chunky Salsa, or at least I did until I read the TVTropes link... And if 'http:' can be pronounced "Hot Potato", what can we do with 'www'? Wow Wow? Woo Woo? Wamwow? (like we need another Shamwow Vincent...) Dubdubdub? (like we need another George W...) Triple Double? (only for web-based basketball statistics fans) Stutter-U?
  • How about Woo Woob wadoo? As in Hot stuff.