April 28, 2010

Two questions I am often asked:
1. How far in advance do you work?
2. How quickly can you publish a comic on a current event?

and... Don't get used to it, but here's another unfinished comic that would have gone stale if I waited to publish it in newspapers.

Dilbert has come up with some more topical ideas than usual lately, mixed with the usual themes and old jokes.

  • Monkeybert: But we already HAVE an exit policy. Oneswellfoop: You mean this red button? Monkeybert: Don't touch that red butt... Arggh!
  • Can I edit that out?
  • My fellow cow-irkers....
  • This is the finest example I've ever seen of cow-orking, by the awesome Betty White in the movie "Lake Placid".
  • I'm memorized by the Breaking News lady at the right. I can't break away to read the comic.