April 27, 2010

Noah's Ark Found? (Fox news warning) They confirmed its age via carbon dating, but doesn't that method of age verification show that the earth is a lot older than the bible claims?
  • PZ Meyers gives this asenine "discovery" a logical takedown. Case closed. Is that you, St. Alia of the Bunnies?
  • Nice smackdown, Mr. Foop. See also... Late dinos
  • damn it, islander... next time post it inline... you expect me to actually click on that link???? sheesh...
  • Get with it, you old dinosaur! ;-)
  • Oh wait, it looks like Noah's Ark is really in... Wisconsin? Could be worse, could be the Parted Red Sea Water Park.
  • Floating mountaintop, Batman! Maybe this time around, an ark-shaped rock formation will get us off the smoldering planet... So we can wreck another one?
  • The more ephemeral ark in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania has burned to the ground after a mere 79 years! Once it even featured a berserker Noah.
  • Now that's carbon dating.
  • I'm sure they mean something different from what I'm interpreting, but that sign sure says a bunch about imagination and religion!!
  • Organized religion is for people too unimaginative to make something up for themselves. (Of course, the truly imaginative make up their own religions... except L. Ron Hubbard, he was never imaginative enough but flukes happen)
  • I think the sign's hilarious. Fresh from Washington State yestiddy. Practically islander's neck of the woods, really...
  • Practically islander's neck of the woods, really... Aye, Bellevue's just a an hour or so across the border, almost within meetup range... If more religious folk had a sense of humour the world would be a much better place although I'm not sure the humour's intentonal in this case.
  • I'm not sure the humour's intentional in this case. Uh no. Well, not from the church, anyway.
  • Uh oh.
  • Now how did that happen? Try this. I bet bashi has been fiddlin'...
  • You people with your false signs are undermining the impact of The One True Sign.