April 26, 2010

A doodle a day Starting late in 2008, I started a project of drawing on, decorating, or otherwise defacing a 3 x 5 index card every day.

Via Mefi Projects.

  • Heh. "Turtles all the way down" - some of these are clever. Makes you wonder where his mind is.
  • Oops. That should be She.
  • Genius stuff.
  • A lot of these are absolutely lovely
  • Starting late in 2003, I started a project of posting, commenting, and snarking on or otherwise defacing a MonkeyFilter thread every day. I'm proud to say that I've hardly missed a day since.
  • What dingles said. And go GramMa!
  • *smirks modestly* I can't doodle like this talented young lady, but I can snark with the best of 'em.
  • Well spotted Ed, I thought the turtles simply signified the elevator would be slow, because of more people getting on, or that there was some significance to there only being 9 buttons but it is on the 13th floor. Until I looked it up. Now I will have to check all the others I didn't get.
  • GranMa, I started a similar project on the OtherFilter in 2000. Failed miserably.