April 23, 2010

What type are you? What typeface best matches your character? (video, sound)

(some other sites that link to this say you need a password, and that if so it should be 'character' -- it didn't ask me for one)

  • I came up a non-digital Pistilli Roman. Hard to read.
  • But in case anyone else has trouble, to see the video I had to look at the link's source code and add http://
  • Yeah, linky is slightly borked but here's the working one. I'm Universal btw, despite never being a fan of Bauhaus and thinking that a font without capitals is just SILLY.
  • Ummmm, it kept saying my name was too common to analyze. So what would have happened if I had come up Comic Sans? *prepares to be kicked outta the MonkeyHaus.
  • The good news is Comic Sans is not one of the 16 possible outcomes from answering the 4 questions... the bad news is that Cooper Black, Courier and Dot Freaking Matrix are. That's a 3/16 chance at lameness...
  • Ooh sorry for borked linky :( I came out as Archer hairline, which I'd never heard of, but really like and will definitely be using in future...