April 16, 2010

The correct way to pronounce the volcano in Iceland.
  • I will probably have more luck pronouncing that volcano properly when I am able to have my eyes surgically moved much closer together.
  • That guy's hats might be just a little too tight.
  • That isn't what I say. I say RUNLIKEHELL.
  • It was funny watching the news last night and seeing which newsreaders avoided naming it. SBS and Channel 7 failed.
  • The Big Picture: More from Eyjafjallajokull
  • Here's how those clever newsreaders keep Icelanders amused.
  • They're going to be all over Katla if it goes off though, so easy.
  • That one I'll be pronouncing OMGTHEWORLDSENDING!!!
  • The super volcano at Yellowstone National Park could make even the worst Icelandic scenario look like a pleasant walk in the park. Recent swarms of small earthquakes and land deformations not far from Bluehorse's ranch make it imperative that we monkeys take turns monitoring the activity near the Doomsday Volcano, 24-7. Here these rumblings can be monitored in realtime.
  • Oh! BlueHorse you're such a chicken little; crazy sandwichboard person and a CAPATILIST. I adore you.
  • But really I trust in her good karma to save us all...
  • I trust in her good karma to save us all... Goes without saying… but it's worth saying.
  • On preview: Dan Folkus. Time to get serious. Reading about the San Fransisco quake of 1906 there was much talk of the activity in Iceland. I assume experts are looking at that historical information. On more preview: I lost the BlueHorse comment I made but: I agree (re: good karma, saving).