April 07, 2010

Tweets from Bruce, Oskar and Joan Are you up to the conversational expertise of your simian relatives?
  • That is so cool! I only wonder how accurately the buttons they press match their activities/moods. Without seeing the buttons, maybe they all just have pictures of bananas on them? I did like the bit where Bruce flung poo at Oscar, and the tweet from Oscar saying he'd just mated with Joan.
  • Are they reading MoFi yet?
  • They *are* MoFi.
  • "I'm scratching my bottom and smelling my finger." Yep, they're Monkeys in good standing.
  • These messages are no less compelling than probably 90 percent of the texts people send one another.
  • And far more interesting than 90 percent of the Twitter activity of the top human celebrities (I'm looking at you, Ashton...)
  • *looks for back scratching button*