April 04, 2010

A Massachusetts bill providing for response to public health emergencies has generated conspiracy theories. But is it even law yet? The Massachusetts legislative Web Site's bill history seems to indicate that the two houses haven't agreed on a final version of the bill yet.

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  • ( This is my first post to MonkeyFilter :) ) Some folks have responded as if it's already been ratified, but I don't think I trust their judgment. I'm really not totally clear on whether MA Senate bill 2028 has cleared both houses of the MA congress yet. Am I right that it hasn't? The response to the bill appears to be the result of a larger anti-government trend mixing with the recent strengthening of the anti-immunization movement. Is America getting kookier?
  • Kookie, lend me your comb? Of course there's a chance of getting kooties... Just as the Swine Flu vaccination might cause Guillain-Barre. Happened to someone we know. Another guy got the flu shot and then came down with the flu. Said he was glad he got the shot or it might have been worse. A true believer. I wonder what Eric Hoffer would do?
  • You know, I'm not feeling so well now. It's hard to say if I'm sicker of the Repubs or the Dems.... Love, GramMa Bluehorse *coughs weakly*
  • <:(
  • *passes GramMa hot water bottle, hot toddy* and welcome, Jay Kinetic!