March 24, 2010

Ugly Animals. Although some, I think, have been hard-done by.

Translation: "They are a kind of survey of ugliness, but only in the sense of being sometimes truly comical. The irony ends there, however, because we're speaking of truly unique species, and in some cases, species in danger of extinction."

  • Bob, where's your ugly animals link? All I got was pics of my MoFi buds. If you notice--in that first pic--Quiddy's drooling again. Isn't he cute!?!
  • Awwwwww hard-done by indeed! I think the aye aye (pic 2) and the tarsi (pic 5) are two of the cutest critters on the planet! And I'm the proud owner of a Chinese Crested Dog (pic 4) although to be fair he doesn't look much like the one in the slideshow... and Quiddy is always a charmer, drooling or no
  • I was quite amused by pressing a "successivo" button; I'm winning , I'm winning!!!!
  • Definitely hard done-by. Beauty is bought by judgement of the aye. Actually the aye aye is an interesting animal:
    During aye-aye copulation the male will approach the female from behind and try to grasp her in the dorsal position. Nose-to-nose sniffing will usually precede the grasp attempt. The male and female will embrace each other while suspended from the branch by the feet. The male and female will also gently nibble on each other's faces. The male will grasp the ankles of the female with his hindfeet and the arms are clasped around the thorax. The male will bite the female on the back when in the copulation posture. The male will insert the penis using pelvic thrusts, and the female will be in a stable position looking over her shoulder towards the male. The male will then begin with rapid thrusts that eventually become slower and deeper, lasting for 5 minutes with one thrust per second, intromission and thrusting lasts for 55-65 minutes. After ejaculation, the male will dismount and move to another level of branches. Males and females will sometimes groom each other after copulating, and the female grooms her vulva with her elongated third digit.
    You might also want to take a look at Ugly Overload.
  • Oh, yay, naked mole rats! I luvs me some naked mole rats! And I know I posted my idea for the best Halloween costume ever, which featured a naked mole rat, but I can't find it. :(
  • Oh, wait, I found it!
  • I believe Plegmund never did like that thread, or at least where it went, not even my part, and stated as much, actually :(
  • Costume pics, please? And don't tell me you haven't made it. I know you wear it in the privacy of your own home with other consenting (or coerced) adults.