March 23, 2010

Repeat Performances This parallel between Jewish ritual and Civil War reenactment reveals a deep, unexpected similarity in Jewish and Southern culture that distinguishes both from mainstream American public life. Jewish and Southern cultures are both post-traumatic civilizations—they are both built upon a sense of overwhelming obligation to the past.
  • Ok, I was just kinda "meh" about this article until I got to the end. Now, I'm bothered - but in a good way. I'm going to need to think on that some, because I just can't wrap my brain around it. Thanks for posting!
  • I agree with fairywench, this has opened up a lot of ponderings for me. And welcome!
  • What would be their Wailing Wall? I guess it might be the Shrine of the Confederacy?
  • Haven't read yet. Does the article take into account the BIG difference between American Southerners and other subcultures? While the Jews and others look back historically at times they were freed from slavery, the American Southerner looks back at the time they lost the ability to keep other human beings as slaves. The fact that the "South" is anything but ashamed and repentant is at the center of why "Southern Culture" is an oxymoron. So have at me, Southern Slavers.
  • oneswellfoop, you really need to read it, and all the way to the end. It has some very surprising info about slavery.