March 19, 2010

Waterboarding guidelines . This is the stuff of nightmares.
  • Shame. Yet Liz Cheney says waterboarding is alright (article in New York magazine, March 15-22) because, she says, the Talaban would cut your head off in that situation. Bah! It's all reprehensible, and no civilized nation should take part in any of it.
  • Of course, I could be wrong. (This comment is just to keep the thread going, since I don't get much time on the Recently Posted list, ever!)
  • And if the Taliban cuts your head off, you are no longer able to make false confessions for whatever purpose they want. It scares me to realize I'm seeing them as "more honest in their barbarism".
  • I cannot believe that in 2010 a major Western nation is openly torturing people. And doesn't give a shit. And yes, I know that US government does not equal all US citizens. Or even most... but here we have the daughter of a past Vice President openly saying that the right moral bar to pass is that set by the Taliban of Afghanistan.
  • Torture is morally repugnant; state sponsored torture more so. The "for the greater good" argument used by supporters of torture is invalid as there is little evidence it produces meaningful results.
  • Well, hopefully it's not still happening in 2010. . Where's the office of the independent counsel when you need it!? Cheney = war criminal.
  • Vicious bastards, all of them us! Torture is a morally and ethically reprehensible practice and the information gained through torture is suspect at best. However, the perverse and seemingly species-unique penchant for sadism and cruelty posessed by some of us, combined with the justifiable fear of torture in the rest of us, makes torture a enticing and powerful tool for those who would use it. When it comes to light, the excuse invariably boils down to something like 'when push comes to shove, ya gotta do what ya gotta do - just try not to get caught' or 'I was just following orders'. Even we mild-mannered Canadians are currently embroiled in a torture scandal I'm all for bringing torturers and their masters like Cheney to book and by doing so moving our sorry species a bit further beyond it's nastier impulses but it will be a tough fight. /misanthropy
  • One could only wish there were a hell that Cheney et al could burn in. But you're right, islander, we allowed it to happen.