March 18, 2010

Exploring the meaning of Evil Pictures by Danish artist Nina Kleivan of her daughter dressed as Stalin and Saddam, as part of her exhibition 'Potency'.

Effective and thought-provoking, I think; it is causing some controversy.

  • Most teenagers aren't too happy when dear old Mom decides to haul out the baby pictures. Faustina's reaction is bound to be interesting, when the time comes.
  • Silly of me to think of Goethe's devil character Faust when I saw the baby's name is Faustina, the name of a saint. (The internet is FILLED with knowledge!) But with the baby's name dripping connotations, both exemplary and not, the lady's art adds another disturbing level, since it reminds me of this Peruvian folk art where guenea pigs are dressed before slaughter :(