March 02, 2010

They Don’t Make Computer Manuals Like They Used To.
  • This was recently on BB and MeFi, but it's good enough to be sure that no monkeys miss it.
  • It must have made the rounds. I caught it on Reddit but definitely worth a post here. 'Specially for some insight into the early days of pirating. (Or maybe it was called "nibbling" back then???)
  • I think they called it using your computer back then
  • There's a pdf of a manual here that has some old timey funny quips.
  • Actually, this computer is older than the Ace. I don't think there are any of the older manuals left.
  • Wow. I remember my dad firing up Alaska Locksmith back in the day, on our old Apple ][, but never was really clear what it was for. Now I know. I am apparently a second-generation software pirate. Crazy.