February 28, 2010

A life in the trees is a longer one.
  • Do not be afraid to go out on a limb ... That's where the fruit is. - Anonymous
  • Cool article _______((((( Have some out on a limb bananas :)
  • The worst mistake in history (see above post) may rather have been leaving the trees then? On the plus side, we'd be a lot smaller and more long-lived by now. On the negative side... well, I can see no negative side actually.
  • Hmmmmm....no coffee?
  • Eat the beans direct off the tree!!
  • Parachute silk comes spooling out of the mouths of a silkworm factory; rumbustious breath of the big tree’s rebel stillness rocks the house. Invisible rip-cords jerk, sing, take the strain, and new light mushrooms skyward, a ceremony of change that no hands work; eyelids fatten, creep, from spirit, its actual meat, shape strange cosmologies that hold. Lords of the second breath and transformation, we too shake loose; our meaty souls grow light, grow luminous, break free of their sticky net of fingerprints, dull household chores, events. Is it enough, we ask, this faith, this breath? Can we ascend for ever? The grain of doubt finds its counterweight of earth and earth falls upward, takes us, heart and heel. The mulberry-tree, its filaments all sheer flame, seethes and billows. Tough limbs deal with the play of its buckled shadow on a wall. --David Malouf, "Mulberry Tree Dreaming"