February 26, 2010

How not to use Flash on your web site. It does load quickly, at least. But wow, how do you go this far wrong?

Near as I can tell, they break every single rule of good design. And that font used for the body text is worse than Comic Sans. But I do love the swimming duckies.

  • Wow. Just ... wow. duckies!!
  • A web site to die at.
  • This guy is getting far too much press. This is at least the 10th time i have seen his site linked in the past week. He must be doing *something* right.
  • Big picture. Swimming duckies. Scrolling, flashing text. So what's not to like? But I wish that guy would pull his head out of his a... a barrel when he talks. There's too much echo. echo
  • Wait a minute, es el Queso. Even if the current example happens to be a BAD example of Flash, Flash in itself is too not open-source for some less encumbered browsers. This developer is so much better, in the sense that the BEST design remains invisible to the message, even if it doesn't ever get NOTICED as being bad like this other one.
  • Well, aren't you nice to say so :) I'm in the middle of redesigning too... alpha design (comments welcome) and free wallpapers if you're interested.
  • Needs more Selleck and sandwich.
  • Simmer down now, someone else is working on http://snarkopaedia.com/
  • Not to make this a self-link thread, but since you mentioned it before… I just launched version 2.0 of my site. W00t!
  • Warning — the link is a porn site now.
  • Simmer down now, someone else is working on http://snarkopaedia.com/ It strikes me on review (it came to me through this MetaTalk post) that you thought I was talking about your site es el Queso. I wasn't, I was referring to the waterfalls in the original post and this tumblr. I thought it was a well known meme and didn't add any context. My bad. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  • Well, it definitely has more sandwich now :)
  • I remember seeing es elQueso's proposed business card sandwich also. I think the @ symbol was very big, possibly to the extent of eliminating the name, the slice of bread usually placed in front. Well, once again we ought to recognize his preternatural grasp of trends... I refer to this post about the Museum of Modern Art also acquiring the @ symbol as a work of design!
  • // Hurriedly registers "WhatTomSellickHadForDinner.com" (just in case).