February 22, 2010

"Do not believe anything the wretched girls tell you. I was kind and generous and loving and beautiful..." Far and away the funniest obituary I've ever read.

My mother found this obituary of Grace Louella Nenninger, age 93 (and a half) in her local small town newspaper this week. She was undoubtedly attracted to read it by the truly amazing picture of the deceased.

  • She sounds like she was a fabulous woman.
  • Obits are big in our life as my wife is in the funeral biz. Most are mundane but on occasion a gem like this floats through. I bet Lou would have been someone I would have liked.
  • She wants the hospital staff to return her jelly jars... hooo boy!! Sounds like she passed on her love of life and sense of humor. One can only hope to be remembered so well. RIP Grace .
  • I read the obit... I read the guest book... I resisted the temptation to add a comment about the affair we had. I didn't think the family could handle it...
  • That's it Bob! Back in the crate. Don't make me go here.
  • Oooh, cattle prods! Mmmmmmm...er... no, wait... never mind. Move along, nothing to see here...
  • You're not moooving fast enough. *prod* *prod*