February 21, 2010

Put that god down, you don't know where it's been.via J-Walk blog

The originating article has a picture which is not particularly flattering to the toy or the god Hanuman.

  • Yes, I can see how that would be considered offensive by people who believe in such stuff. Therefore I totally support it. In other news, it's nice to know that somebody isn't afraid to feature Mohammed in a comic, especially when it's an equal-opportunity offender. Even Sinfest, otherwise excellently evenhanded in its blasphemy, is Islam-shy.
  • Jesus and Mo make a fine couple. I can't reference my favourite blasphemy as it doesn't seem to exist online anymore or at least it has become very difficult to find. I refer to the kid in Montreal and his escapades with communion crackers. Here he is explaining why the videos are taken down.
  • A fool and their money..... I wonder if he's franchising? Main page. FAQ's are sincere but funny.