February 19, 2010

Don't worry , "this feature was only used for the narrow purpose of locating a lost, stolen or missing laptop." Except, "the assistant principal told him the camera had caught him doing something inappropriate at home."
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  • Same story in "The Guardian" and the letter itself.
  • These perverted administrators should be humiliated!
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  • There could've been a little bit of good in the school's actions. None of the articles say what the "inappropriate behavior" was, but some of the comments from students at the school say that the rumors are that the kid was smoking pot. If those rumors are true, then I kind of like the school's behavior. They didn't try suspending him or call the cops or whatever. Instead they sent a note (I can't tell if the note went to the kid, who showed it to his dad, or if it went straight to the parents). I like that level of response. They basically told him to be careful, when the standard response these days seems to be magnitudes harsher. I'm not saying the invasion of privacy was okay. That's obviously wrong. This article says that kids often would see the camera activate on it's own, and many kids started covering up the camera. This is really fucked up, and the hammer needs to come down hard on those responsible.
  • The school didn't do anything about the "inappropriate behavior" because they could not do anything about the inappropriate behavior. You think they'd only have wagged their finger at him if he was "caught" on school grounds?
  • If it were pot he was wanking, the parents wouldn't take them to court, would they?
  • In any case, if they intrude on a child's bedroom, they are clearly voyeurs.
  • Yeah - whatever the details, you surely cannot send a remotely controlled webcam into someone's house without telling them and getting permission?
  • You fool! It's the only way to find Osama Bin Laden. YOU CAN'T HIDE UNDER OUR CHILDREN'S BEDS FOREVER, YOU NAUGHTY ARABESQUE
  • Let's get these kids ready! They need to know who's in control. Who needs privacy anyway? 24/7 observation is the only way to run a society. Remember, Big Brother is watching YOU!!
  • phew! Justice is served.