February 18, 2010

Wooden clock plans. Beautiful. (via)
  • In Taipei they warned us not buy Rolex watches at the Night Market because they might have *gears carved out of bamboo* on the inside. Hmmm. Now I'm thinking that might be even MORE impressive than the run-of-the-mill.
  • I can't imagine the patience that went into crafting these. Outstanding. Timepieces is the schinitz.
  • Oh my goodness those are AMAZING. Wow. Glorious glorious craftsmanship, and I love his generosity in making the plans available to others. Must get (a lot) better at woodworking so that I can try making one... Wow. Superb linky, thanks poly!
  • This is 60 kinds of awesome.
  • Suhweet! I would love to have the Swoopy or the Nautilus hanging on my wall.