February 17, 2010

Banana museum for sale We should all chip in, and just buy it. I'm sure we'll get rich instantly. Great website too. In yellow.
  • " There's always money in the banana stand." I think this a great idea! The number on the upper left tells me there are 13972 members so it will only set us back $1.07 each!
  • I visited the Banana Museum when it was in Altadena (I was working in Pasadena nearby and had some time on a lunchhour). Met Ken "Bananister"; he acted just like he did in his TV interviews... like he was having way too much fun. If the MoFi Collective does acquire the collection, I volunteer to be curator for a salary of $1 a year... and all the bananas I can eat. I could certainly keep it open more than 3 half-days a week. Don't have any yellow suits but my skin is somewhat jaundiced... I liked the fact that The Banana Museum was in the L.A. metro area and not some obscure location like Bug Tussle, Oklahoma. But if it's been moved to Hisperia, S.L.O. County would be a great alternative location for it: we already have Hearst Castle, the Madonna Inn, Bubblegum Alley, the Pismo Giant Clam and other wacky tourist attractions. Maybe I should do something like that for one of the local agricultural products: would anybody go to a Broccoli Museum?
  • Whoot!! If nothing else, there should be a MonkeyMeetup! Heck, I'll chip in $5.35 so I can be a big-time seegar-chompin' shareholder. *whinnies at the mare* *prances to show off new Spring spring shoes*
  • Don't forget "The Mystery Spot" in Santa Cruz. (Take note of the background colour; coincidence????)
  • Hmmmm, if we all pony-up (hehe) $5.35 like moneybags up there we only need 2800 monkeys to take part. Pass over a cigar, Bluehorse!
  • I will kick in $6.35 if I can be exempt from the cigar smoking. My god, how excellent would it be to be able to list on your resume/CV: "Co-owner of the International Banana Club Museum" ? I mean, if that didn't net you at least an interview, you wouldn't want to work there anyway. And I imagine it would be useful to name-drop when trying to pick up a hottie - "Hey, baby...I can get you backstage at the IBCM!" We need to do this. No, really.
  • The Fighting Banana Slugs are the team for UC Santa Cruz. So if we move the collection just 320 miles from Hesperia, we'll have tail gate party visitors!
  • How about 300 monkeys with $50 each? I'd sure like to wear that banana suit.
  • I just watched this guy's video and, you know what? He doesn't seem to take this Banana stuff seriously at all. Like, his "museum" is just a bunch of banana crap. I was hoping for a serious, academic delving into the mysteries of the banana, instead it's just some... some... tourist attraction. He doesn't deserve this banana museum. I'm glad he's losing it.
  • Yeah, no banana crap here. This is serious stuff. Hoser's on to something. I've got $55.35, so I'll be Chairman of the Bored. The rest of the 299 applicants need to be fine, upstanding Monkeys, the type of simians we'd be proud to have representing Monk-dom. Only top-quality Monkeys will be accepted. You know who you are.
  • New price on the banana museum! The 8 Track Museum is not for sale. Rumor has it there is a smiley face museum across the harbour but the lady who owns it is fairly odd and so are opening hours. I'll report back when possible if it's for sale. We could become magnates in the museum world!
  • An apeeling prospect indeed. In order to become true museum magnates though we'd have to buy out the other Banana Museum as well. How about we all chip in and acquire the California collection first, pack it up, and send it to Monkeybashi's house for safekeeping. I'm sure she'd be happy to have a shipping container full of banana memorabilia land on her doorstep.
  • It's slipping away! The auction ends Thursday for the banana museum. It's all packed up in crates ready for shipping as the space in Hesperia is needed for a display of arrowheads and barbed wire. As heard on As It Happens moments ago in an interview with Ken Bannister. Yes, the banana tux is included in the sale.
  • *weeps for the loss of her dream of becoming a banana conservator*
  • Yup bidding has ended. Anybody wanna chip in for a crappy lions club pin collection? Between Traicle and BlueHorse we have $1.18 in mixed currency. I'm good for a toonie or two.
  • That does it. I'm gettin' ma gun, and I'm goin' on in there. We're gonna save them bananas for someone who cares.
  • wahhhhh