January 26, 2010

If you believe, as I do, that "Periodic Table" jokes have gotten so old and stale, they're starting to stink...
  • Foop, I LOLed! The Smellement Ax is placed EXACTLY where it needs to be.
  • This is something that xkcd might make funny.
  • Wendell, you could fall in the Fc and come out smelling like Ro! <pedantic>       Cookie and coconut are both Co making them elementally equivalent. </pedantic> Can we still call you Wendell (or Wendy) like B.H. is "grama"?
  • Hey, flurkmeister, I didn't say it was funny, I said it stunk, as if Chemistry Humor had done this... if the image doesn't work - and it's hosted on MY site - it's an animated gif of a scene from a cheezy movie of a man literally jumping INTO a shark ...but "Smellements" gets props from me as an act of gratuitous punnage.
  • For the record, I still answer to Wendell, although I now openly admit my 'real'* name is Craig (as in Ferguson, the latest Bond guy and slist), and I can also be called Foop, Foopy, Foopster, Foopazoid, OSF or 1SF. Just call me. You never call. Except when you need money... what am I, an ATM? No, I'm an OSF, pay attention... *what IS real, anymore?
  • Hey, Foop-a-doop! The Swellster. The Foopinator. Swell-guy! Foop man. Foopity-foo-foo. Can I borrow a fin, Foopsie-moopsie? Fooparific! Now who's my widdle Foopy-pants? What a cute little Foop-Foop! Foopzie-woopzie gumdrop! Hmmm, I'm thinking this will not wendell...
  • *what IS real, anymore? Realness comes unbidden if we can be receptive. Getting back to the Foop Meister though, I'm glad he's feeling so much better! (Ancillary Note: I myself once posted a periodic table of the elements ...or even cut to Curious Pictures here, but nobody ever did comment on it :(
  • Wait a minute. That didn't even register as a *new comment* ?
  • Quitcherbitchin, Dan. You had three comments in that post. Aren't you the one that said if you want anything done right, you were going to do it yourself? That didn't even register as a *new comment*? I have noticed that there are a few people around here who expect a standing ovation for every d*mn thing they post. As if I don't have enough to do around here already. Nobody noticed that *I* dusted the 'M' and fed the monkey, now did they? Not to mention waxing the preview button as well as shoveling Foop. But I'm not bitter.
  • *Sigh* I'll come up with something nicer next time.
  • That's m'boy, Dan! Com'on, show me your happy monkey face.
  • Al-right... These smelliments are so universally true, yet not the only truth...confidentially..
  • Dan, is that truly the link to which you were thinking? I'm having a little problem with following the logical connection here.
  • "If I'd have listened to my best mind that is, I wouldn't be here today on this killing floor." As the blues song says it. But Periodicity is still ethno-bilogical! Or so I constate. The lady in the video, Severn Suzuki, now thirty something, was the 12 year old UN speaker who set the agenda.
  • The cycles of nature live in our back yards still. Though my leap of faith from this Periodic Table, that credits pollution as one of the bad smells, made me link to recapturing the old ways through this ethno-bilogical movement, even my interpolation may not bridge the gap for some, but it works for me.
  • Don't bogart the spliff, Dan.
  • Thanks fish, I thought it was just me. Dan, I'm cool wid dat! Have a Cheeto!
  • Thanks, but no thanks this time. Need a bit more fact...