January 25, 2010

Free yearly credit reports. Time to get your free credit report! Every year, I check to make sure I know exactly what the credit report agencies say about me. This way, I get the information for free, and get it in a timely way, so if I need to protest anything, I can do so quickly.

A credit report is not something anyone has to pay for, no matter what your credit card says. Previously on Monkeyfilter.

  • ...or what Ben Stein says. ESPECIALLY what Ben Stein says. The man is like a daily calendar with one page... right once a year.
  • Could this be a phishing site that promises free credit reports? As for calendars, even if Ben Stein's could in fact be right the one day per year, I would STILL prefer my fine *Tinker Bell* calendar 2010!
  • It's not a phisher in my experience, and it's truly free. I included the "previously on Monkeyfilter" link so y'all could see what other people have said about it.