January 23, 2010

"Don't lick your pizza" and other things parents never thought they would have to say to their children.
  • Get your thumb outta grandpa's beer bottle before it gets stuck. No, you can't drink grandpa's beer. Now your thumbs stuck. What are you going to do now? I didn't put her thumb in there. If you're that desperate, get another bottle of beer. *whispers* Dammit! You're both drivin' me nuts.
  • "Take the screwdriver out of your ear" I just wish somebody had told ME that when I was younger... "What's blue in your nose?" Did he inhale a smurf? Or is that the first step toward becoming a Na'vi? "Don't sit on your sister" ...to be consistent, that should say "Take the sister out of your butt". Or maybe not.
  • *tries not to make filthy joke*
  • too late, heard you thinking over here
  • Gotcher back, Islander!
  • My grandfather, when he was little, had to be taken to an Emergency Room because he had put beans up his nose. My brother, as a 4 year old, had to be taken to the Emergency Room because he put chewing gum up his nose. I only had a girl child. I'm no fool.
  • Gotcher back, Islander! 10-4
  • (Upper case=incognito)