January 17, 2010

Late night talk-show for sale, barely used (screenshot available if the Craigslist post is pulled). You've undoubtedly heard something about the longish and complicated saga between Conan and Leno. (And if not, and you feel you must know, here's a decent summary on AskMefi.) Now Conan is selling the show, or at least trading it in for Coldplay tix. Conan also apologises for the hair.
  • What a fuss! I wasn't really aware of what all the noise was about until I read the linked summary (thanks) - such monstrous thrusting and parrying over advertising dollars and egos. (*watches one hour of telly per week*)
  • Letterman: Don't blame Conan.
  • Well, that was dumb.
  • For my money, that Ferguson fella is a class act. He's also funnier and smarter than than all those late night dinosaurs combined.
  • Well, it looks like Conan will be making new funny somewhere in September after his contractual cooling-off period. But where? Cable? He's gotten 'feelers' from HBO, Showtime, TBS, FX, Comedy Central (after losing to Leno, does Coco really want to have a turf war with Stewart & Colbert?) and USA (owned by same parent co. as NBC, they could start him sooner than the no-compete clause requires AND get him custody of the Masturbating Bear back. Hmmm.)