January 16, 2010

My parents were awesome. ...maybe.
  • Those are great pics. What a great idea for a website. Makes me wish I was a couple thousand miles closer to my parents' photo albums.
  • I really liked this. So positive.
  • This past Christmas I saw some old family photos that I hadn't seen in years and yes, the old folks were pretty damn awesome. Thanks Pleg!
  • I LOLed! Some great pics there. Makes me want to dig through the old albums. Wouldn't it be nice to go back in time and meet your parents when they were youngin's?
  • I have some great photos of my Nana and her siblings. Should put them online somewhere.
  • "David and Merrilee (and unknown)" Bohemian Ma 'n Pa!
  • Do we walk in their shadows, or stand upon their shoulders?
  • Yo, Folkus! Git offa that urn!
  • Oh. Sorry, fish tick. But at least your urn hasn't been defiled yet as in Meet the Parents...
  • Without the idea that these people gave birth to someone who felt enough to post their picture, these would be just some random old photos. The title makes it poignant, and it does seem like a poignant collection, doesn't it? What if the blog was called Random Photos? There'd be less resonance. Or if it was called Future DivorcĂ©es? As a child of divorce (an appellation I haven't thought to use since I was a teenager, but surely is common), what I see here aren't awesome parents so much as happy couples before the shit kicked in.