January 14, 2010

Curious itchy Georgebashi. For about a year now, probably for a few days every month on average, I get this terrible itching in the roof of my mouth. WTF?

It's about where my hard palate meets my soft palate, and it's actually itchy enough that I have to scratch it (so I'm walking around with my thumb in my mouth - not a good look). It'll last a few days, and sometimes my nose/sinuses will itch too, but not always. After I've scratched too much, it gets slightly swollen but not enough to bother me -- only the itching does that. Has anyone else experienced something like this? It's so annoying! My GP suggested hay fever and prescribed me some antihistamine tablets, but they made no difference. It doesn't turn into a cold, and I'm not sneezing any more than usual, either. But it is beginning to drive me crazy.

  • Food related possibly?
  • No idea what could be causing it, but this might make it tolerable.
  • Like your doctor, I'm thinking allergies. Whatever he prescribed for you may not have been enough. I'd ask for something different. If it's caused by sinus drainage, you might experiment with something that will dry your sinuses. It could even be a low key sinus infection. Corticosteroids is a thought, and might break the cycle, but that's not a cure. Has this happened before? If you think it might be seasonally related, you might just be able to wait it out. As gomi said could be food allergies. Try keeping a food diary to see if there is a correlation. The fact that you're scratching it enough to make it swollen is not good. I know we itchers must have satisfaction. Can you curl your tongue and scratch it with your tongue to keep the abrasion down? My other thought is that a hideous alien tracraken is getting ready to be born from your throat. That's probably it.
  • It is almost certainly NOT a case of Black Hairy Tongue. However, I delight in finding any excuse to post a link to a picture of that condition.
  • I recall having had this (the itchy palate, not the BHT), some time ago. Came without any apparent reason went away after a few days without treatment. Hasn't happened in years though. However, in your case, Dr. Bluehorse's diagnosis may well be correct. This probably signals the impending emergence of a shrieking baby alien tracikraken. Congratulations!
  • Oh noes. Please don't tell me it's seafood. I honestly never even thought of allergies. I'll do the food diary thing and see what happens, then. I'd be so miserable if I couldn't eat seafood, though!
  • Hey, you haven't been eating any "million dollar platter of whitebait" lately, have you? Maybe you are allergic to the price.
  • Poor wee feesh.
  • It's worth the itching if that's the cause.
  • My first impression of what you feel, I can recreate by curling my tongue back and rubbing the roof of my mouth. Feels kind of good, actually. But carried to extremes, in one's sleep maybe, I can easily extrapolate that it could well get hyper... So that's one idea. Good luck with it, tracicle, even if there is some OTHER cause.
  • I've had an itchy mouth roof before. It has always gone away on it's own. It's never stayed longer than a day, and it's never occured to me to look for a cause. Haven't had it happen in years, though.
  • Yeah, rubbing/scratching with my tongue just makes it worse. Sometimes I do sneeze too, but I don't know which leads to the other. Yesterday and this morning it was really bad, now it's gone but the roof of my mouth is swollen. I mean really, I am weird. Mr K, it does go away eventually but then it recurs a few days or weeks later. Good ideas, I have to say, monkeys. I wish I could say it was because I'm allergic to the kids' new Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeequel soundtrack. I think I'm going insane.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks records drove my mother insane, too. Proven fact! I deny being the one that did it. Yes, Dr. BlueHorse here. After consulting with Dr. Fishtick, our definitive diagnosis is that you should not eat any more whitebait. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't even have it in the house. Treat it like toxic waste and send it far, far away. Idaho is far enough. I'll give you my address. Dr. Fishtick and I will dispose of it for you. Paging Dr. Fishtick to my office. Dr. Fishtick to my office. Code yellow, please bring the lemon and forks.
  • I wouldn't consume that rubbish even if someone cut off the heads and cleaned out the entrails. Ugh.
  • Food allergies do it to me. So will some pollen allergies sometimes when they get really bad - I guess the allergen still passes over that area when you inhale.
  • Oh, I wasn't expecting you to share it fishtick. I wanted you to SERVE it! Don't forget the towels and finger bowls!!
  • I have to vote against it being an allergy, because you said the doctor gave you antihistamines. If it was an allergy, that should have taken care of it. So I have to vote with Bluehorse. Baby Alien Monkey. We can have the baby shower at my house.
  • I was thinking food allergies because I spontaneously became allergic to kiwi fruit a couple of years ago. And holy crap did my mouth and throat itch when I discovered it!
  • even if someone cut off the heads and cleaned out the entrails. We gave my mother-in-law whitebait once and she attempted to do just that actually on the plate. It was sort of fascinating, but I think she ended up eating about 2% of it. When I get an itch in the back of the mouth/throat I find scratching, or rubbing at it with the tongue makes things worse; but prolonged gargling (just with water, though perhaps some sort of mouthwash would be even better) usually sorts it out.
  • Absolutely nothing to do with the original question but Der Werzog Reads Curious George
  • I'll try the gargling thing next time, Pleggers. It's cleared up again for the time being.
  • Spelle to cure itch-mouthe: on a nighte that the full Mune cometh, take ye one onione raw and rubbe betwixt the legges. Then pray thee to Minerva: "Goddess, grant ye that tiny pixies might descend my nosal holes and scratch my mouth-roofe with their pointty hattes!" Then take ye one aardvark raw and rubbe betwixt the eyebrowes. Thy itch-mouthe shall endure nay more but - lo! see also spell to cure nose pixies on pagge 37 of this booke.
  • I did all that but got arrested for stealing an aardvark. Then I couldn't find pagge 37. You're listed as the emergency contact on my bail release, btw.
  • Jack Vance may have diagnosed the problem as Lugwiler's Dismal Itch, as described so well in his Dying Earth stories. Well, at least it's not the spell of Forlorn Encystment!
  • It's back. I had eggs benedict for brunch - with salmon. Please let it be confirmation bias!
  • Charme to reduce confirmation bias: take ye one pigge that be withe childe, and rub betwixt the legges. At twilight swim nakede covered in marmalade moste true, and afterwards establish ye a series of double-blinde trials wherein the hypothosis is testede against a controlle grouping of raw aardvarks, which muste be rubbed betwixt the teetes. Thus thy bias shall reduce to manageable leveles, by the will of Hermes Trimegistus.