December 26, 2009

This is why cats hate Christmas... and why they hate their owners.
  • HA! my cats would kill me as I slept if I did this to them! Although they do let me dress them up as jedi knights!
  • PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE! HuronBob, you don't just throw a comment out there like that and be so chickenshit as to not back it up. WE DEMAND PICTURES!!! Anyone who would like to come over and defy the Slashing Claws of Horrible Death is welcome to put a Santa hat on my cat, Quotes. The Border Collie, Daisy, indicated strongly that she did not want to wear reindeer horns this festive Yule. Unlike the Dingo, who would have worn them 24/7, she doesn't like horns on deers or cows. They were tasty, however.