December 22, 2009

AVclub's The Year In Band Names
Editorializing: among the dozens of 'year end list' rituals, this is one of my favorites.
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  • My Favorites (maybe not the right word): * 2006 Genital Hercules Groovatron Fahrenheit 420 Tom Cruise Control Honkytonk Homeslice Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza The Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers In Minnesota (at least we know what they had to fall back on when the band inevitably failed) Chupacobra Here Comes Old Vodka Tits You Ruined Christmas Sorry About Your Couch And Now You Beg * 2007 The Color Fred Shout Out Out Out Out Dyslexic Speedreaders Pistol Whipping Party Penguins Those Fucking Unicorns Tigers Can Bite You (abbreviation: TCBY) Statutory Grape Harmonica Lewinsky Chevy Metal Dysfunkshun Junkshun Wishdoctor We All Have Hooks For Hands The Shark That Ate My Friend Best Fwends The Cornish Gay Men Dear And The Headlights (I have an mp3 of this band from a free sampler album... not as good as the name) The Dead Kenny Gs DD/MM/YYYY * 2008 Insidious Decrepancy Ethereal Architect Crane Your Swan Neck Funk Shui Shitty Shitty Band Band Coup De Ska Children Of The Flower Children Karma Sutra Menstrual Tramps Vigo The Carpathian And The Thrash Money Millionairez Nacho Cheese And The Headgear Honeys Midnight Spaghetti And The Chocolate G-Strings Somebody And The Really Somethings Lee Press-On And The Nails Evangenitals The Self-Congratulatory One-Man Reach-Around Subprime Blues Band Abracastabya Iwrestledabearonce (making it a single word doesn't make it better) Electric Tickle Machine Weird Al Qaeda (...and almost everything else in its ctegory...) Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Sigmund Droid, June With A Cleaver, Piss Pissedofferson, John Wilkes' Kissing Booth, Labrador Dali, Barry Whitesnake Teenage Waistband Menage A Twang Previously On Lost (would be better if their songs were NOT based on episode recaps) Sponge Worthy Chicken Pickle Monkey Car Ketchup Mania Murphy's Inlaws * 2009 The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! Pabst Smear The Van Gobots Opposite Of Pants We Were Promised Jetpacks Magic Johnson & His Aides (so wrong, and yet... so wrong!) Groovitational Pull Rolie Polie Guacamole Climax Denial Blessed Sacrifist The Oi!strs Dinosaurs From The Future Put Down The Muffin Gardening, Not Architecture Hammer No More The Fingers Polka Dot Dot Dot Jabbawockeez Moistboyz The Scotland Yard Sale Tejanosaurus Rex Barrio Speedwagon Festerfuck Worst Case Ontario Solid Golden Retrievers Dolphins Of Tomorrow (double bill with Dinosaurs From The Future?) Cerebral Ballzy Fresh Breath Committee Possible Fathers Amid The Noise And Haste (Desiderata, baby! Although the parody Deteriorata used "Amid The Noise and Waste" which would've been an even more obscure reference!)
  • How recockulous! Except for Chicken Pickle Monkey Car. Any band name with 'monkey' is fine by me.