December 19, 2009

Know Your Meme: Om Nom Nom Nom. [Via]
  • O No No No !!! Actually, I know that meme very well, thank you. In fact, some have claimed that I live that meme, but that's a false accusation. Get back to me when they compare and contrast Om Nom Nom Nom to Hurf Durf.
  • I nommed your meme.
  • The very first LOLcat type stuff I ever saw was a bunch of photos from someone on Monkeyfilter many years ago. I'm forgetting his handle! 'Twas a British fella who was a very popular contributor at that time (2004?). Whenever I see a "nom nom nom" photo, I think of him.
  • Could it have been flashboy? Mofites may be interested to know that he has since gone professional, with his own 'what we found on the internet' column in the London Metro paper.
  • Thanks for the update on flashboy, Plegmund. Now as for the cookie monster's mantra, Om Nom, Nom, Nom, this is what what I thought he was saying.
  • I think this is the funniest thing that I've ever seen regarding Obama (from the same site).
  • And here I thought he was about to give the banks and big business a hug. *not sour*