December 18, 2009

"Their circular life" shows five scenes from Northern Italy (with background sounds) which are animated for a 24 hour period by turning a dial.

It's harder to explain than to use. Just a simple sound and picture thing, but quite effective.

  • At first I thought the impersonal scurrying of ants would be the look, yet the irrepressible human personality comes forth, at certain times, as when that guy takes a cigarette break at the railway station in Modena. Now for the X rated version...
  • Nice interface - I'd like to see it applied to some other locations.
  • That turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be. Yes, Pleg, it is a nice interface. Trust some page designers to screw it up though.
  • You described it well! How about "Gorgeous 24-hour 'time-lapse' still-shots from scenic Italian locales, viewable by dragging the arrow around a virtual sundial. Impressive! -via ThinksTwice over at MonkeyFilter @" on my FaceBook page ? Nice link, TT.