December 03, 2009

Shrink-It YAPG (Yet another physics game) involving shrinking (or expanding) objects to drop another object into a target.

Of course, the first levels are the easiest. And I'm allowed, cos it's Friday here now. So there!

  • It's not Friday here yet but I played it anyhow 'cause that's just the kind of wild and crazy Monkey I am. Best not to overthink the last level....
  • I'll remember that if I ever get there, thanks.
  • That was fantastic. Thank God it's over. I was wondering how many damn levels I was going to have to get through. I love all super-simple games. I am really a rather simple person.
  • Weirdly, a lot of the levels can be solved without using most of the "pieces". As islander alludes, this is especially true of the last level.