November 30, 2009

Wordy snarky strips about the "creative business" industry.
  • This is not snarky. It's the truth.
  • To-meh-to, to-mah-to (^_~)
  • Ah yes, I'm all for putting quotes around "creative."
  • "creative business" goes on my Oxymoron list... although, these days, I'm about to take "creative accounting" OFF the list...
  • This guy would probably appreciate the strips. May be sightly NSFW
  • Wendell, perhaps you mean creative out-of-this-planetary-influence accounting? These days the math involved in accounting exceeds the amount of calculations computed in getting the Large Hadron Collider up and running--oddly enough possibly resulting in the same effect--a huge black hole in which your money may vanish or perhaps the end of the world. Apparently the Hadron, at any rate, isn't dangerous. Who knew?
  • I worked as an Accountant for a company that imploded during the 1990 Junk Bond Crisis. It's accounting wasn't creative, just based on a fantasy premise (the market will keep going up forever). Watching everything else embrace the same fantasy in subsequent years has been thoroughly disheartening. Of course, I knew the Junk Co. was doomed from the day I went to work there, but they were grossly overpaying me so I shut up and banked the money.
  • The LHC doesn't need better maths, it needs better fuses. And, the black holes will be tiny. Very very tiny. Just keepin' it real. Carry on.
  • That was pretty funny stuff. One of them reminded me of the many "jailhouse lawyers" that I have to deal with. "Jailhouse lawyers" are inmates who claim to have a case or have heard about a case that is so similar to my own client's case. They then tell my client that what I am doing for him is wrong. My client freaks out and I suddenly have to explain why some six-time convicted felon who can't read doesn't know more about the law than I do. When I first started, jailhouse lawyers sometimes did know more than I did.
  • Yes, what gomichild said.