November 25, 2009

100 x 100 Michael Wolf photographed 100 apartments in Hong Kong that are 100 sq. feet in size.
  • Fascinating images, Cheezie. Some the places look rather cozy, like living on a boat, but the lack of a window would be tough to handle. I wonder if this guy is a professional dishwasher.
  • The lack of a window, the disorganization, the feeling that there are hundreds of people all around you... There are several places that would make me want to tear my skin off my bones. Most would make me very uncomfortable. Image 16 is cleaner, more organized. There's a plant on the fridge. It looks like a place you could take a small breath. I lived in 600 square feet in Turkey, and felt like there was a lot of room for my husband and I, and two cats. But we had floor to ceiling windows...
  • It does make me appreciate my 300 square feet a little more, but when you're living alone and sick, 3 steps to the bathroom and 5 to the kitchen are a blessing.
  • What about the folding screens of old China, jade embellished even? They might cordon off an area of clutter in a most elegant manner. (Just another idea.)
  • We've done the outside, might as well do the inside.
  • Earlier this week the BBC News site had a video piece with a guy who's living in a place like this in Hong Kong. His rent has increased dramatically and he's worried he won't be able to stay on. Can't find the piece now, unfortunately.
  • Sad, where will the marginal income folks go if a rent increase happens. What's happening here in the States economically to families is nothing to a collapse of the Chinese economy.
  • the future...