November 18, 2009

I'll see your complex plane and raise you an imaginary dimension.
  • Awesome.
  • Thanks for the huge time waste. I have to work!! Awesome link.
  • Huge time sink indeed. I fell into one of these things and barely made it out in time for last Tuesday!
  • In my radio days, I worked with an audio engineer named Mandelbrot... no, that's not right, his name was Mandelbaum... because he was the best engineer, and if his name ended with 'brot', he would've been the 'wurst'. the preceding was an example of fractal humor, or fractional humor, or fractured humor...
  • Interesting that certain zoom levels are sweeter than others, but I guess it's true of natural objects as well. The pith of the vine is less interesting to see than the leaves, but taken down to the molecular level, it's sweet again. Or something.