November 18, 2009

MOFICDX VIII? It's been nearly two years since the last round, but the previous google group is still kicking. Who's up for another go?

With a signup deadline of Dec 1 and a mailing deadline of Dec 14 we can make this happen just in time for the typical gift-giving season. Shall we?

  • I'm in.
  • Always count me in. Neddy was just pawing through my music collection...
  • Wait, wait, I don't understand? What is this mysterious MOFICDX? CD's? What? Waaahh, I wanna play!
  • Yes, please! I've always wanted to participate, but getting there has been difficult thanks to a long list of screwups and hardware failures. But I finally have it together - I think!
  • Okay, I figured it out. Count me in!
  • I am in too. I might be a little late since I'm still flying and won't be back till 27th, and will be working nonstop including weekends for two weeks after that. But once I get my act together I'm gonna try to do one. Neddy was just pawing through my music collection... I was not pawing! I was browsing. Reallyreallyquickly. Dibs on Richard Cheese's rendition of "Creep".
  • One week to go, get in if you want in!
  • And by get in, I mean join that google group and say hi. If you have any trouble my email is in my profile.
  • Last call!