November 16, 2009

The rise of CLBD-7, the zombie disease, is a fiction project by a London ambulance man. The series starts on November 7th. Is this the way the world will end?
  • I am going to have to ask for you to summarize. That is a little too much reading for me.
  • Yeah, I couldn't tell were to start, so I just stopped.
  • Go to the bottom, read on the way up. But only if you want to see what an ambulance man would think the signs of a zombie infection would look like. I suppose that by the end of this, he will have written as much as a small novel, in serial form. And, to summarize, the author is sent off to interview various people who have been affected by CLBD-7. Thus far it is the hospitals and families, plus an account of a crazed child biting people. The point of view is that the hospitals are overwhelmed. Then, in American, the zombified patients are dumped under highway bridges. Whereas, in the socialized countries, the patients are dumped on their families.
  • Writing in these short snippets, just stop it! One is left almost with stark non sequiturs...disjointed, somehow...
  • Yes, these gobbets of information, severed from meaning, dripping with lurching verbage. Won't somebody think of our braaaaains...? You were riffing on zombies, weren't you, Dan?
  • It's effing science.
  • Zombies were well portrayed in Dan Cushman's interesting tale of a search for Hitler in the jungles of Africa, and the finding of the secret drug. The fifties vintage book is called Ebony.
  • No, not the zombie disease! Nor even the comfy zombie chair!