November 14, 2009

Human Jumbotron
  • Just too strange for words. Much more interesting than drunken half-nekked idjuts with paint all over their bodies and big foam fingers. Takes organization and timing, at the least.
  • The Chinese - just pixels in the giant LCD screen of Asia...
  • Very impressive!
  • Yes, they do function as pixels, but is it art?
  • I wouldn't give them as much credit, since the video playback is sped up.
  • I've been told I'm a human Jumbotron. No, wait. I've been told that just means I'm fat.
  • Got to be more entertaining than watching the game, anyway...
  • I showed that to my wife, and she told me that it was similar to this thing Oprah did with the Black Eyed Peas. In fact, she said the thing on Oprah was more impressive. So I watched the Oprah thing. It was not more impressive.
  • I liked that, thanks Plegmund.
  • I would do this. But I would wear all white and not move. When people asked my why, I would tell them I was a stuck pixel.
  • Frogs, you're a caution, you are!!! *GramMa cackles, slaps hip*
  • Seriously, frogs, how's that tadpole?