November 13, 2009

By order of the principal! . All students are forbidden to say the word "meep". What's it mean? Pick one of 77 definitions. What's it look like in action? Try here. People are singing (sort of) about it. There's even a website-- Say what? via Teh Blue

I MEEP YOU, you Monkeys!

  • meep.
  • This word seems to be trouble. Right back in the 70s (?) the Guardian ran a cartoon with armless, passive creatures who only said 'Meep'. Unfortunately they were named the Largactilites; the paper was forced to apologise to anyone who was currently taking largactil and the strip was renamed the Galactalites for the rest of its short run.
  • *ook ook meep*
  • 'ook' for the more literary Monkeys, surely. And don't call me Shirley. /ZAZ
  • Between Looney Tunes' Road Runner, the Muppet Show's Beaker and MeFi's quonsar, meep is a very proud word.
  • I was thinking Road Runner too.
  • Dude I read this article and nearly cried. I wish we had so few real problems at the school where I teach that we could waste time with bollocks like this!
  • Adults can be so weird. "Meep" is obviously just used as a gibberish word. It is just a sound people make to be annoying or funny. It doesn't mean anything. There is no reason to ban the word. Kids aren't allowed to disrupt the classroom with gibberish, are they? Then you already have a rule in place.
  • Gibberish always made a lot of sense to me, in its own way....
  • Pants around your knees, hat backwards, shoelaces untied, eating garbage with both hands, speaking gibberish.... Either a case from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or a teen.