November 13, 2009

Meet Me in Alameda! I will be arriving tomorrow in Alameda, CA, and es_el_queso has so kindly given me room and board as well as play host to our Metafilter meetup.

Are any CA monkeys interested in meeting on 15th afternoon at this bowling alley in Alameda? Also, we could do dinner at es_el_queso's place after that: ambrosia, pmdboi and maybe ooga_booga will be joining us.

  • We'll be meeting at the bowling alley around 3pm, it's easily accessible by public transport- BART to Fruitvale and then the AC Transit 63 bus to Alameda Towne Centre, or else there's plenty of parking. And if you need a ride back to BART after and say please, I might oblige :)
  • Oh, heck, I just left Sacramento. So near, yet so far!
  • Can I meep you there?
  • meep meep definitely! would be very glad to see you there, wendell (^_^) if you don't care to bowl, we can sit back and look sagely at the proceedings.