November 13, 2009

Pelican 1 : Bugatti Veyron owner 0
  • Ha. Ha.
  • "Video has been removed by user." Sigh.
  • Having clicked on it too late, I can only imagine what the video had shown. Correct me if I'm way off here, but I see the car ambling alone at a good clip when suddenly, out of the sun, a sleek pelican dives, letting fly aerial bombs at the Bugatti's windshield. The right front wheel slides into a ditch. The car bounces side to side, half on, half off the track, but through an heroic effort, our driver spins back onto the tarmac. Safe now, the driver stands to deliver choice words and gestures. Yet the bird dive bombs now the bare headed driver, letting loose a fusillade until the road cracks like an egg, spilling the car into the soup. Is that it?
  • I think this was caused more by him being on the cell phone than by the pelican. The pelican merely provided the little it takes to run someone off the road who is on a cell phone.
  • why does this remind me of Fabio on the roller coaster?
  • Yeah, bernockle, blame the pelican. Pelicans just lie in wait for people on cell phones, then dive, cackling maniacally to run them off the road. They're out to get us. 's true! I've seen it in the Pelican Manifesto. Down with AT&T!
  • It was suggested this morning on a Houston ratio stations that this is not as it first appears. There is a thought that the driver might have been angling for publicity for his luxury car restoration business. Or, perhaps, trying to get insurance money. There were reports that the car passed the same spot repeatedly, before the accident happened. The video could be coincidental, or part of the sceme.
  • Cam we at least learn if it was a brown or a white pelican? (Both live in Texas.) Otherwise, it could be a publicity stunt after all...
  • I saw the video of the crash and there was no sign of a pelican anywhere near it. The guy just gradually veers off the road. Excuse BUSTED.
  • You are absolutely correct, there was no sign of a pelican. But that penguin with the salad shooter looked mighty suspicious. I've seen the Penguin Manifesto. They're evil and out to get us. Next they'll be demanding the right to wear ties.
  • Those mighty scrotumlike bills make pelicans a good choice, they are SO great!