October 23, 2009

It's MOLE DAY! . Oct. 23, 1959, the great Alfred Matthew Yankovic was born

A moment of reverent silence for Weird Al, before THE EARWORM BEGINS!! More moles Pick your mole Actually, don't do that, it's disgusting It's a funny, Monkeys!

  • Thanks for the heads up, GramMole!
  • I like Mole Poblano but only if it's made without peanuts (allergic, but not life-threateningly so). And I think it's interesting that Mole Day is the day after Wombat Day.
  • Okay, this is not quite a mole, but it's the coolest near-mole ever - The Naked Mole Rat! (Warning: The Naked Mole Rat may be mistakenly perceived as being NSFW.) And since it's that time of year - I'll offer up to the Monkeys my idea for the best Halloween costume ever: First, you have to be a member of...well, the gender that has members. Yes, you have to be a boy. Then, after you determine that you are, in fact, a boy, you dress all in black, including a ski mask. Covered head to toe in black, except for your boy-parts. The boy-parts are left uncovered. Then paste some little teeth on the end of your boy-parts, and voila! You're a Naked Mole Rat! Note: This costume probably works best in locales with extremely warm weather and extremely lax adherence to public obscenity laws. And by the way, the Wikipedia article about the NMR is very interesting. They have all sorts of bizarre quirks. Great video, btw. I hadn't heard that song before, but now I know where I can get a new used pink bathrobe when my current one becomes too used to be used!
  • Showing-my-age-again filter: What about this guy?
  • Yay for Secret Squirrel! Bookmarking that one for watching later. Thanks!
  • Oh, fairywench, that is the funniest costume suggestion EVAR!
  • Naked Mole Rats Immune to Cancer Complete with a fetching photo of either a pair of NMRs or two boy-Monkeys in their fairywench-inspired Halloween regalia.
  • HEY! They called them ugly! They're not ugly! Geez, freakin' homophobes.
  • Clever concept, fairywench! Now what about a costume based on this *safe for working stiffs* interview on vaginal teeth, versus beaks?
  • Oh, no! The dermoid cyst anomaly!
  • *Get's back on track with Avogadro*
  • Hmmm. Homunculus just linked to the pleasure giving Frost Kraken, thereby somehow breathing life into an old post on the mapping of online communities. Lest his link be lost as a blip on the chart of new comments given today, let it live here also as a thing subtly related to a stretchy, somewhat topical, slightly off color discussion of Avogadro (See above)! For though the Frost Kraken had an obsidian beak, not teeth, yet a drop of its ink bestowed unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged, or something...
  • Correction: homunculus's link was on *Here be Anthropomorphic Dragons*