October 22, 2009

Rapatronic Photographs Developed by Dr. Harold Edgerton in the 1940s, the Rapatronic photographic technique allowed very early times in a nuclear explosion's fireball growth to be recorded on film. The exposures were often as short as 10 nanoseconds, and each Rapatronic camera would take exactly one photograph.

Some more pictures

  • Oh no i put the "a" in the wrong place in the title! How embarrassing
  • I was haunting a beauty last night, but she closed her blinds.
  • Fantastic images! If you're going to be hunting beauty, this is the way to do it.
  • If I didn't know what these were, I'd say "meh" but knowing what they are, they're hideous.
  • They look like alien maggots or something. Totally otherworldly. Interesting, and creepy on very many levels.
  • The Big Bang, if it really, really happened, was supposed to have minor anomalies that became bigger over time, forming galaxies and such. Now these bomb images put me in mind of that. Only the anomalies seem partly dependent on towers, or in the case of the shock wave, the earth. So how did the Big Bang get so wierd?