November 19, 2003

This story made my eyes water. Now you too can exercise those ducts. Bonus! Clears blocked sinuses!
  • Words can't describe what I'm thinking right now. My mind is sort of going, "Whuh...huh...gah...ow."
  • I had to reread the article to make sure they weren't talking about a splinter from a chopstick. No, it was a whole chopstick. Yikes.
  • My eyes didn't water, but I have a headache now. Yikes!!
  • Is this somehow connected to the eating-sushi-off-people story? No? I wish it was.
  • You know what? Screw it. I'm skippin'.
  • Don't do that; I have comments waiting for you in #20.
  • And also apparently here. I didn't realise what I was starting to do.