October 17, 2009

We should all move to Costa Rica. Besides all the shiny, happy people, they've also got a low cost of living, affordable health care (and excellent health care that's rated as better than the U.S.), no Army, and more...

They're also the greenest country, have incredible scenery (more) (still more), wonderful and awe-inspiring wildlife, and it's a great place to combine a facelift with a vacation. Plus, they're seriously into eco-tourism. Okay, that's 16 links. I'm done.

  • Well done!! 16 links? That'll holdja for a week or two. *settles down with popcorn to read post*
  • OK, I'll move Costa Rica up to number two - but northern Italy is still my favourite place to move to.
  • Costa Rica looks a wonderful place and that Happy Planet Index seems a much more useful measure of national success than GDP. If I were to make move, I'd either make it a short one down to Victoria on the south end of my island or a long one down to Victoria at the south end of Australia. Thanks, fairywench!
  • One of the things I've learned: it's really hard to find *bad* coffee from Costa Rica.