September 28, 2009

A moving series of blog posts. Craig is an accomplished fisherman, a wonderful writer, and a faithful dog lover, whose best friend was his Golden Retriever, Drake. For the past month or so, Drake has been struggling with a brain tumor. This is Craig's blog about this ordeal. Read it from the bottom, have the tissues ready, and spend the rest of the evening petting someone with four feet.
  • let me say this again...scroll to the bottom and read the posts in chronological order....
  • I'm housesitting for ten days without my puppy. :( I will have to pet her kind old cat instead.
  • The poor dog couldn't cavort in the rivers because of all the broken glass! I would change that in my eco dog friendly after world.
  • This whole thing about broken bottles thrown into rivers and alongside beautiful mossy trails... The Menominee Indians of Wisconsin opted to become a regular county. Opening up the reservation along the beautiful Wolf River allowed the beer drinking hooligans from the non-Indian lands (note how tactful I am being here!), to simply crash their glass refuse and leave the problem. But it's not all the non-native people's fault. Partly it's their rapacious system. Consider: even the Menominees had to start destroying their own forest land to pay the US government taxes, since they had opted to no longer be a sovereign nation. (This was the occasion when Marlon Brando went there to support the Warrior Society that took over the Alexian Monastery, and was told to go back where he came from!) So... Let's just give it all back to the caretakers, namely the native North Americans. (If our own countries of origin will have us back, that is.) Q.E.D.